Posted by: cg00n | April 26, 2008

April 24: More of the same

More email has arrived from friends and I have spent hours on the phone with one or two of them.  It is so great to know that you are all out there and are all so supportive.  After a rather weepy start to the day P and I are getting on with the business of restructuring our plans for the near- to mid-term future.  Information is trickling in.  It sounds as though my case has been  referred to the QE2 medical centre, so we hope to hear  back from them in a few days about when they can fit me in for  further surgery and tests.  As long as I can keep the anxiety under  control I’ll be fine.  If I lose that, I’m sunk.  Keep taking the  tablets.

A performed at the music festival again tonight and did even better than last night.  Considering the stress she is under and that this is her first time in any kind of piano competition we think she is just brilliant.

Regardless of the ultimate outcome of this whole process I think we will be a much stronger family as a result.


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