Posted by: cg00n | April 30, 2008

Give them a foot…

We went to see Dr. M today who turns out to have quite a pleasantly dry wit.  At one point I was lying on the examination table after he had drawn various shapes on my foot with a permanent marker and he commented: “You’ll be fine.  I’ll be fine.”  This is encouraging.  He couldn’t add anything to our knowledge of the cancer itself.  Apparently yesterday’s chest X-ray was just to make sure there isn’t any more pressing reason to panic.

So what he is going to do is to take about a 4cm diameter lump out of my foot, steal some skin from the top of the foot to cover the hole, and then steal some skin from my left thigh to cover the place where he stole the skin from the top of my foot.  Got that?  Feel faint yet?  I asked him if I would still be able to walk after this and he said “Not right away”.  More humour.  I wonder if this guy’s got German ancestry?

right foot prior to wide excision

right foot prior to wide excision

This is all going to happen starting at about 8am tomorrow – May Day.  There won’t be a spring in my step for a while.  We will actually need to leave home about 6:30am to get there in time and I cannot eat or drink anything (not even water) after midnight.  I’ll fit in a shower tonight because I don’t know when the next one is likely to happen.  The actual surgical procedure will only take about an hour and a half unless I die part way through in which case it may be shorter.  Before the surgery they are going to inject me with some kind of radioactive dye so they can find the sentinel lymph nodes and possibly prolong my half-life.  When it is all over I will be confined to bed in the hospital for 4 or 5 days.  Then I will probably be on crutches for quite a while before I can put weight on the foot.  Good thing we put that elevator in at the new place; pity we won’t actually be moved in by the time I need it.  Oh well.

I am not really scared of the surgery or the anaesthetic, but I’m certainly not looking forward to having my foot tied to the ceiling and having to use a bedpan.

So I am packing my bag with all the comforts I can fit in (lots of good books and drugs).  Fairly soon the doctors will have some more bits of me to analyze and we will have a better idea of what is going on.  I somehow doubt if I will update this blog personally over the next few days but I will ask my lovely assistant to do the honours so that you aren’t starving for news.

Wish me luck.



  1. We’re all hoping for the best possible outcome here. Our love to the three of you.

  2. Great to hear you haven’t lost your sense of humour. Maybe you will end up writting a book like Erma Bombeck’s, if life is a bowl of cherries,what am I doing in the pits. Maybe your’s can be entitiled, When thigh hair grows over your foot!
    All kidding a side, lots of prayers going up…
    Take Care

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