Posted by: cg00n | May 4, 2008

new room mate

B got a new room mate today.  His name is Jason and he seems like a nice guy.  He had an accident at work and almost lost one of his fingers, but the doctors were able to reattach it.

B was hoping to leave the hospital on Tuesday or Wednesday.  The news today was he will be in the hospital till Friday at least because they really want to make sure everything is OK including B knows how to use a pair of crutches.  He is not happy about that.  We decided to do the TV rental so at least he can watch something.  Other than that, his wounds are healing well.

While I was coming home from the hospital, my car got rear ended.  What can I say!  Both myself and A are fine.  The impact cracked the car bumper.  I will take it in to get it checked out before driving on the highway again.  It is a good thing we have the van.



  1. I am sorry that B has to stay a few extra days but pleased he’s receiving the care he requires to recover. As for being rear ended … you didn’t need that complication. You need extra TLC and a few breaks in the action (but not things to break). But things do seem to happen in threes. Thanks again for the updates.

  2. Sounds like your strength and patience are really being tested. Sorry to hear he’s got to stay a few days extra. Good luck with the crutches. We’ve both been there!


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