Posted by: cg00n | May 7, 2008

Foot loose, but not yet fancy free

I’m home. Just writing that phrase has brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad to be here!

The first thing I need to do here is to acknowledge the truly wonderful care provided by Joanna, Alberta (yes, really), Maxine and all the overworked nurses at unit 4.2 at the QE2. The food was pretty awful, but these utterly lovely people made it all bearable. The surgical team was great too. On the morning when they opened my all-encompassing dressing the looks of delight at their own handiwork was a wonder to behold. You’d think they’d won first prize in a quilting competition – which in a way they had.

The last two days have actually been quite a lot of work. Yesterday we marked the passage of four milestones:

  1. The removal of the dressing And All That This Implies
  2. The removal of my catheter: another phrase that brings tears to my eyes. God’s teeth! That has to be the second worst thing to being knee’d in the groin.
  3. 20 minutes of freedom from the bed, which I spent having…
  4. My first bowel movement in 5 days. I now know where the expression “Sh*t a brick” comes from.

In addition, and on a much more pleasant note, the Occupational Therapist dropped by to make some measurements and a sketch for my “splint”. Natasha showed up with two assistants (interns?) one of whom was a stunning blond. I found this particularly interesting because her name badge pictured her with dark hair. When I commented she said that I was the only person who had noticed. I made some polite remark about that without pointing out that she wore her name badge more or less on the right-hand pocket of her pants, a location in which I found it oddly hard to ignore. Anyway, the three of them brightened up the afternoon considerably, and gave me confidence that there would be a splint and I would get out of there eventually.

The “eventually” transpired more rapidly than I had imagined. When the doctors did their rounds this morning at the ungodly hour of 7:15am they said that if I got the OK from Occupational Therapy and the physiotherapists who had to make sure I could move around safely … I could go home. Today!

It got quite busy after that.  I called P at 7:30am (another first) and There Was Great Rejoicing.  She had to go and acquire some new clothes for me since I’d never get my foot + splint through my jeans.  Occupational  Therapy came along and finished off the splint and then the physiotherapists showed up and put me through my paces on a walker and a pair of crutches.  Later in the afternoon they even made me climb up and down a set of stairs on the crutches.  Apparently everyone was convinced by my performance, which I can now reveal took just about every last ounce of energy I possessed.

Now I am slumped in my favourite chair having sampled P’s home cooking and a Garrison Red Ale reflecting on the good life.

Thanks to all who posted comments, emailed or phoned me during the past few days.  I hope to be replying to most of you in person in the near future.  It is really good to know you are out there.  Stay with me.

For the ghouls among you, here’s what the foot looks like:



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