Posted by: cg00n | May 8, 2008

Good Day

This has been an excellent day.  I slept until 11:30 or so (not all that unusual) and read an Ian Rankin novel until P got back from her shopping expedition.  She gave me breakfast in bed consisting of fresh home-baked bread and jam, and a fruit cup.  Then we took the adventurous step of getting me showered.

At present I am getting around the house with the aid of a walker, one of those frames with two little wheels at the front and two stubby legs at the back.  I push the walker away from me, make sure my weight is on my arms and hop forward on my “good” foot, which is feeling mightily put-upon at present.  P brought home one of those plastic chairs that are designed for use in the shower.  I shoved and hopped my way to the bathroom door and then backed into the bathroom which (in our “little” house) is tiny.  With great care I took my seat and placed it on the chair.  P brought in a footstool to keep my right foot elevated.  And so it was that, sitting sideways across the bathtub with my right foot stuck out under the shower curtain, I sluiced away the accumulated grundge of a week.  That felt so good I would have started singing Italian opera had I actually known any.

Shortly afterwards the home care nurse showed up, filled in a mound of paperwork and changed the dressing on my foot.  I have got to say it still looks ghastly to me but, like the doctors, she seemed to think everything is healing nicely.

Then came the big disappointment:  my brand new iPod is too new for the OS on my PowerBook G4.  Bummer.  Now I have to spend yet more money and time before I can get the thing to do anything useful.

Never mind. Shortly afterwards I got hit with 4 IM’s from various people which was a big boost.  Lovely to chat to you all – thanks for calling!

P took A to her Sea Cadets meeting while I did breathing exercises and meditation.  When P got back we had a beer and got thoroughly maudlin about the whole process of dying.  It was a deeply cleansing sob session for me and I felt much lighter afterwards.

Now it is mid-evening and I am warm, sleepy and contented.  What more could I ask of a day?  I mean, really?


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