Posted by: cg00n | May 9, 2008

Even Better Day

After a slightly shaky start today seems to be ending quite well.

I woke up in the middle of last night drenched in sweat (sorry: only horses to that) perspiration.  I seem to remember reading somewhere that such night fevers can be the result of the body trying to fight off an infection.  It left me feeling a bit anxious and unable to sleep for several hours during which I tried not to disturb P.  Managed to doze from about 9:30 to 11:30.

The VON (home care) nurse came around 1:30pm and changed my dressing again.  Everything looks OK in that respect.

Then P went off to pick up an odd-job guy (who doesn’t drive) to mow our lawn.  Since I knew that his first task would be to re-attach the mowing deck to the tractor-mower I made the unilateral decision that I was Going Outside.  By the time P got back I was dressed and ready to tumble.  This little house we live in is a nightmare from an accessibility point of view, but with the aid of the walker and P‘s connivance I made it safely onto a seat on the driveway so that I could “supervise” the process.  On the whole I think I actually did help him figure out the details and the end result was, indeed, a functional lawn mower.

Just being outside (in the shade) and being a little bit useful was a tremendous morale boost for me.  I managed to dress myself and I am getting around pretty well on the walker, my left foot is complaining much less and my arms appear to be picking up strength nicely.

In spite of all this I was still feeling a bit jittery but after a good howling cry with P I am now much calmer.  We continue to work on accepting our new situation, planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

It may not sound like much but I feel today saw some major accomplishments.



  1. Great to hear that you are home again and have regained your sense of humour. Don’t worry too much about the perspiration as that is quite common when you have had any surgery that deals with your bones. I am glad to hear that VON is coming in to see you on a daily basis and they will keep a close watch for any signs of infection. I will keep in touch and if there is anything that I can do for you or your family, let me know.

  2. The post-op period is often a challenging one. I think you’ve hit on a key point there – being able to resume parts of your normal life definitely lifts the spirit! The trick here is to balance that need for normality against not pushing too hard that you slow your recovery.

    I’m reading your blog and thinking of you. Know that for yourself, P and A, I’m only a phone call away.

  3. I’ve heard that night fevers can be caused by anxiety, injury/surgery, and anything else with strong hormonal effects, including cancer. They can also be caused by adapting to springtime weather (I get a few seasonally), so maybe they’re a worry worth delegating to your doctor.

    On the subject of MP3 players, did you know that the website, the audio equivalent of Project Gutenberg, has some excellent books as MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files. I wish the CBC and BBC would use Ogg Vorbis in their extensive podcasts :). The journals [i]Science[/i] and [i]Nature[/i] also both do free weekly podcasts, at a non-specialist level.

    A friend of mine bought an MP3 player a while ago (after some deliberation, she decided against an Ipod, and, separately, in favour of some very odd-looking but comfortable earphones). She loves it; she can listen to it on her (bus) commute and while doing low-brain-demand tasks such as cooking. She’s persuaded me to acquire one when I have a bit of time to set it up.

  4. […] around 6:30am quite damp with perspiration.  I was wondering if that might happen since it did once before. It is interesting (perhaps) to note that on both this occasion and after my previous surgery this […]

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