Posted by: cg00n | May 11, 2008

No news is good news

There really hasn’t been a lot to comment on this last couple of days. My foot continues to improve, my mood has been pretty good overall and life is about as good as it gets for now.

Yesterday P went off shopping with her mum for most of the day leaving A to daddysit me. We watched some Black Adder episodes and she drove me bankrupt in Canadaopoly. When P returned she had in her clutches a new copy of Mac OS X and the DVDs of the complete season 2 of CSI. We watched one last night and three more today: the set has to go back to the library in 7 days.

I have been having an argument (as usual) with my PowerBook now that I’ve upgraded it. I cannot get the WIFI (airport) to work. This often happens with software upgrades on this freaking thing, but this time I think I may just bite the bullet, wipe the hard drive and start over. As a result my presence on the internet may be somewhat sporadic for the next few days.

Mr. K.O’C of Calgary phoned today, as he has done quite regularly for the last couple of weeks including one evening when I was in hospital. Knowing that my friends are out there, reading my words and “talking” back to me really helps to pull me through the bleak patches: I cannot say this often enough, but I’ll try not to bore you with thank you’s.

Finally, let me tell you of a new spin I have manged to put on this whole situation. In principle I could die at any moment due to something or other. However, that is not very likely. It is, in fact, quite likely that my foot will recover enough to let me walk properly and lead a “normal” life again. The big question is, once that has happened, how long will it last – bearing in mind that in principle I could die at any moment…? So really it all comes down to a question of how much more life have I got? The worst this thing can do to me is drag me down before something else does. I think I can handle that.



  1. You can rip DVDs on Mac OS with a free program called HandBrake ( Then you can watch them w/o the threat of library due dates. BTW, I rent movies by mail with

  2. Hard to know what to say about your musings on life and what at times seems our brief sojourn here on earth … other than that I am sorry this happened and I am supportive.

    However, I can very safely say that I know nothing of how to solve your IT challenges … more likely I’d be looking to you!

  3. Not to quibble or anything with someone of your delicate disposition 🙂 but I’m not sure that the question about how much life you have left is the right one to ask. Not to sound too cliched, but it’s not how long you have left but what you do heretoforthwith (and what you have already done) that matters, IMHO.

    You’re right – every day can be our last…but since my recent changes, I have found it far easier to look at it as everyone being a blessed day into which I can choose how to best fill with joy.

    Mind you, being occasionally crotchety has its amusements too! 🙂

  4. A few years back I ran across some musings by John Diamond, back when our family’s journey with cancer was still fresh. I pasted it inside my kitchen cupboard door, it is pretty faded now, but I still re-read it periodically, and find it always has meaning.,4273,4110991,00.html

    At the risk of sounding like something Mae West would say…it isn’t about “how much
    time do we have in our life” but about “how much more life do I have in my time”

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