Posted by: cg00n | May 12, 2008

Normality has been restored

“I repeat: normality has been restored. Anything you can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.”

– Trillian speaking in The Hitchikers’ Guide to the Galaxy

Well, more or less normal anyway. After the VON had been, changed my foot dressing again and confirmed once more that the ghastly looking object on the end of my right leg is, in fact, a human foot that is healing nicely I took a shower. After that P made us lunch and then went off to the new house to start unpacking kitchen stuff. I settled in for an afternoon of Mac bashing which (witness this posting) has been largely successful. Somewhere in the middle I also had to do some router bashing because it had lost its mind, but that’s something I’m good at. Watched a couple of episodes of CSI, answered the phone a few times… it feels like a really normal day today which is really wonderful.

The next substantive melanoma-related things will not happen until next week. On Tuesday (May 20th) we go to see Dr. M who did the slicing and dicing of my foot. At that time he will tell us what the pathologists made of the lymph glands he extracted. I am being very carefully neutral in my expectations here. On the one hand I couldn’t find any swelling, but on the other hand that might not mean much. If I am very lucky the inguinal (groin) gland will be cancer free and we can have a celebration. If not we need the results of the CT scan scheduled for Wednesday (May 21st) to find out how widespread the damage is.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll start philosophizing again: I should have this computer pretty well tamed by then.

May you all live in uninteresting times 🙂

PS there is an interesting article in today’s Chronicle Herald apropos our current situation



  1. The average is an almost non-existent myth. To be normal one must be peculiar in some way or another. H. C. Broun

    The truly fearless think of themselves as normal.
    M. Atwood

    Not sure what my message is … perhaps the next comment can interpret.

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