Posted by: cg00n | May 18, 2008

Above and beyond

Yes, I’m still here. Just skipped a posting yesterday due to time spent playing with the new iPod, discussing the murky future with P, being invaded by the MacA family after the Sea Cadets’ ceremonial dinner and other most welcome distractions. Today has been a pretty good day and I’m feeling quite positive about life. A good part of the reason for that is the response we’ve had to our plea for support from friends. Everyone has been just wonderful, but there have been a few who have gone well above and beyond what we could ever have wished for.

Several of our Nova Scotia friends have been very supportive and we certainly hope that this will be the start of some long and valuable close relationships. I quote from one comment:

It takes a village to heal one of the villagers and you can count this geographically closer friend, a friend indeed.

Isn’t that just wonderful? These are great people. From a long-time friend in Calgary I got the most beautiful accolade anyone has ever given me:

Until then I had never really felt part of anything, and you made me feel part of the ‘gang’ at [U of C]. You cared about me and made me feel … smart. You also helped me to gain the confidence I needed to do well in … academia. I owe much of my success to you.

I did that? I had no idea! What a truly wonderful thing to learn about myself. Maybe I really am a worthy human being.  As if all this wasn’t enough we heard from some friends via email tonight:

At the moment it looks as if we might be able to come down the lst week in June.  I know that is short notice – but would it be OK?

Would it be OK?! OMG, yes!  Please! We are absolutely speechless at the amount of time and money our friends are willing to lavish on our welfare.  We feel honoured and humbled by all this and I am really at a loss for words to express our gratitude to all of you.  It make a huge difference to my state of mind, especially in the run-up to the test results in the next week or so


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