Posted by: cg00n | May 23, 2008

I Ain’t Dead Yet

Nothing much happened yesterday, or at least nothing much happened to me yesterday. I’m sure some people in the world had a much more interesting time. Today, by contrast, has seen a number of small but significant advances. For me. Just so we’re all clear on that.

Correspondence continues to trickle in. I have heard from several more people (one of whom I don’t know personally) offering words of comfort and support (of which I can never seem to get enough!). Another friend tells me she has passed along a pointer to this blog to her friend who, some years ago, moved to this province and got cancer… hmmm: that’s a bit worrying. Think twice before moving here seems to be the message. Anyway, apparently said emigrée is still with us and may get in touch which would be a Good Thing.

Several people drew my attention to the health records of Senator McCain, presumably in an effort to make me feel younger and fitter. It sounds like, he too, has had to cope with melanoma but probably in a less well-developed form which is easier to deal with. At this point I’ll feel lucky to make 72, but you never know.

I have an appointment with the oncologist on June 3rd. That was pretty quick.  Let’s hope that is not because they think this is a dire emergency.  I’m wondering if P‘s brother at the Princess Margaret Hospital had anything to do with that since he offered to rattle a few cages around there on my behalf and someone might have pulled some strings. I am also trying to get a copy of the lymph node pathology report to send off to a couple of people for rather informal 2nd opinions which may yield some results in the next couple of weeks.

This afternoon we visited a friend who, back in the 1960’s while in her early 20’s, had to deal with the possibility of a malignant brain tumour. Surgery was not a realistic option since it would involve extensive brain damage. In the final analysis the growth turned out to be benign but she had to do a lot of thinking and planning as though she had only a year or so to live. She had all sorts of interesting ideas for coping and living on regardless and, on the whole, seemed to think we are on the right track. One thing she suggested that I definitely plan to follow up is self-hypnosis. This is an idea that is not much in fashion but has a lot in common with what I was planning to do with meditation. When we see the shrink on June 5th I will ask if there is anyone around who can teach me how to do this. Maybe I can finally convince myself to get a good night’s sleep.

Of course, the fact that we visited a friend is not wholly insignificant. I am getting around on crutches these days and the techniques I learned when I was 18 or so are coming back to me – slowly. I am only mildly intimidated by short flights of stairs now, although given my current out-of-condition state they are still a hard grunt. It is so good to get out of the house for a bit. I suppose I should also be doing some bloody-minded upper body exercises while I’m sitting around in here: typing doesn’t really count.

My right heel continues to heal right according to the VON who was in today. It sure feels weird though. There are a lot of pins-and-needles kind of sensations which can get quite uncomfortable. I am still treating it very gently and wearing my protective “splint” quite a bit to make sure I can’t accidentally bash the grafts: I just don’t want to think about the upheaval that would cause. Maybe next week I’ll be a bit braver.



  1. One of my doctors does hypnosis – if you’re interested in a referral (or if you would like me to contact him for a referral to someone in NS), do let me know.

  2. I saw this on a website … you can print, cut it out and hand it to people who provide unsolicited advice on your medical condition. Made me chuckle.

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