Posted by: cg00n | May 28, 2008

Time to move

This has been a very quiet week in my life. I send copies of my pathology reports off to a couple of people who are in a position to offer informal second opinions and so far everyone is reading from the same script. I doubt if the CAT scan report will be available before I see the oncologist next Tuesday so I just remain optimistic that it will be good. Got my hair cut today: I was having trouble finding my mouth. Finished transferring all 64 CDs of Bach cantatas onto the iPod. Really very little has happened over the past few days. This is about to change because tomorrow we move into the new house. Finally after almost two years of sustained effort we have our dream home ready to go!

We would have moved some weeks ago but something derailed our plans. As it is, all I will be able to do tomorrow is supervise. It surprised me today to realise that it has been a month since my surgery and I have been more or less immobile the whole time. This is driving me crazy! (OK, OK: crazier.) There is enough space in the new house that I should be able to do laps around the 2nd floor on my crutches so maybe by the time my foot is ready for some action I will have restored a few muscles to a working state.

Next week should be pretty busy. P‘s mum leaves for a two month vacation on Sunday (early) morning, so P will have to take her to the airport which means leaving home at about 5:15am. On Monday our friends from Calgary will be landing and we want to have our house (the one we’re living in until tomorrow) ready to accommodate them. Tuesday and Thursday there are doctors appointments in the city. So what with one thing and another I should have lots to report.

I just hope you aren’t relying on me to entertain you.



  1. Waiting is never easy … but perhaps made easier by having large, all consuming tasks such as moving house! Managing patience with grace is hard work and requires a stubborness that controls natural tendancies to growl and fuss.

    Nope, my entertainment is not dependent on your blog … however, your blog does at times entertain 🙂

  2. oh, but I *do* rely on you to entertain me. Behold, I sit at your feet, and wait for pearls of wisdom to drop trippingly from your tongue. Yeah, right.

    We have a couple of friends who are IT freelance journalists from London UK, and they come and go with great regularity, with me asking to see if they’ll be home in time for dinner, or is that covered? They do not require entertaining, but they are fun to have around when they are breezing through on yet another long-winded trip around the states before heading home to unhappy moggies.

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