Posted by: cg00n | May 29, 2008

We’re here

The move has happened – at least the basic one has.  We are now installed in the new premises.  The phone rings here now (a good sign), the beds are set up and the kitchen is somewhat marginally functional.  Tomorrow P will unpack a whole lot of stuff thus freeing up boxes for the second stage move over the next few days.  My total contribution to all this was:

  • chatting to the phone guy to make sure my house wiring interfaced correctly with his cable modem VoIP setup (it did)
  • answering the phone whenever it rang thereafter
  • crawling (literally) around the master bedroom to find the pillows, bedside lamp, clock radio and other comforts
  • reprogramming the programmable thermostat

I have had it with sitting around!  This evening I have been experimenting with putting a fair amount of weight on my damaged foot.  Just the toes and ball, not the heel just yet:  I’m not that brave, or stupid.  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to hobble a few steps at a time without crutches.  It is exactly 28 days since the surgery, I am assured by all the VONs that the graft and the patch both look good and when we met the doctor a week or so ago he said I could probably start putting weight on the foot in another week or so which would be … now.

Speaking of the doctor, his administrative assistant called today and asked if I had been scheduled for a CAT scan yet.  I said “yes, last week”.  After some confusion and several phone calls we established that the results of the scan (the pictures, if you like) are available to the doctors on some sort of province-wide network but no one has written up the report just yet.  If the melanoma doesn’t kill me the suspense will.  However, the doctor is supposed to call me back on Monday to tell me how it looks and the oncologist can check it out before or during my appointment on Tuesday.

Tomorrow:  a report on how my foot is holding up


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