Posted by: cg00n | June 5, 2008


Thank you very much to all of you who have written with congratulations on my clean CAT scan.  It is lovely to know you are still following the story.  Let me remind you that it ain’t over yet!  These things have a nasty habit of crawling out of the woodwork, so while the CAT scan is very good news I may yet need further treatment.  Stay with me, folks!  I may not post as often as I did at first but the story will continue.

Today we left the house at 7am to keep a 9am appointment with a psychiatrist in the city.  Apparently only first-time patients are scheduled that early.  Maybe they’re trying to scare us off.  Anyway, it was a useful meeting.  We reviewed my current Prozac intake and decided to leave it alone for now:  if it ain’t broke….  Asked about the depressive side effects of interferon, self-hypnosis and what sort of support there might be for P as well as for myself.  All quite informative.  I will probably have a repeat visit next month.

Many of you have sent me email or have left comments on the mind/body question I raised last week.  Thank you for your thoughtful responses.  Tomorrow (I hope) I will summarize and add a few comments of my own.  Until then I plan to sleep:  this morning came very early.



  1. My word, when I read the first paragraph, I had two reactions. The first was YAAAAAAAAY!

    The second was “leave it to B to find a way to grab defeat from the jaws of success”.

    Here’s something for you to chew on in the mean time:



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