Posted by: cg00n | June 21, 2008

More common than you think

Right on the heels (so to speak) of the widely reported immunotherapy for melanoma comes another article from the BBC about foot fear. Pity I didn’t see that a couple of years ago. Then again, at that time I probably wouldn’t have read it. Now that I am nominally “living with cancer” I am discovering just how many others are also afflicted, many of them quite badly. One of our friends here suffers from lymphoma and feels he will be lucky to see his 65th birthday; he is about my age.  Another has a sister who lost a lung and various other not-quite-essential parts to cancer about six years ago and is now faced with radiotherapy for a recurrence.  For some real hard luck stories take a glance at the Usenet news group

Right now I am feeling fine.  Indeed I am feeling terrific!  Just for the moment I haven’t got any of these problems and there is a decent chance I may dodge the worst of this.  It is 11:30, fresh bread is baking and my morning coffee beckons.



  1. When I was managing social marketing I learned that people primarily focus on advertisements that pertain to them. I imagine it would be much the same for other news items.

  2. Intaking oxygen is always a better choice than the alternative. There are days… and there are days… Enjoy the positives… fight the negatives. It is good to share your existence, dude. Carry on.

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