Posted by: cg00n | June 25, 2008

More supporters

Today I got a somewhat unexpected but most welcome email from Lori Lee. She also goes by the name Miss Melanoma. Those of you who are more or less on the ball will have figured out, by the time you reach this point in the sentence, why she might apply this moniker to herself. Some weeks ago when I was in Total Panic Mode I wrote to Miss Melanoma and also to Greg Perry in search of some kind of online support group. I never did find such a thing devoted to melanoma. There is the Usenet newsgroup but most of the people posting there seem to have huge problems compared to which my current complaint seems picayune. There are various organisations like The Canadian Cancer Society which offer various resources but nothing much on the Internet. In fact I called them and they said they’d have someone else who had suffered from melanoma call me, but I never heard from them again. I do not know Lori Lee or Greg Perry personally; they are two individuals who are living with melanoma who are outgoing enough to offer their support to anyone who might need it – and they actually reply when contacted by someone totally unknown to them! The world is a better place because of people like that.

Since then I’ve got all of you, my faithful followers, to boost my morale and sometimes even my morals. For those people who might happen upon this blog unexpectedly or indeed for any of you who find yourselves (may the gods forbid) in need of help here is a list of web sites I have found helpful or informative:

Meanwhile, back in my own life, tomorrow is Ultrasound Scan Day for me. This was suggested by the radiologist who did my CAT scan a few weeks back and is intended to help characterize the “anomalies” it showed up on my liver. They are probably just alcohol-related, but we’re going to check. After the scan I get to have my eyeballs (orbits) X-Rayed to find out if there are any metal particles in them. A couple of people asked why I might have metal in my eyes, so in case you’re wondering this was my reply:

I might have metal in my eyeballs because I work with hacksaws, files, cold chisels, dremels etc. any one of which can produce metal particles, any one of which may find its way into an eye. It may not be a problem until an MRI (with a Huge oscillating magnetic field) causes it to start bouncing around madly.

The surgeon said this was a pretty good, if rather non-technical explanation, so there you have it.  The MRI happens next week.



  1. I love internet support/special interest groups! They are such great resources for people with not-so-common problems or hobbies.

    Good luck with the MRI. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.

  2. You have hit on a very Canadian problem … perhaps we are too reserved. The American Cancer Society is known for its assistance to cancer patients and their families. I’ve pasted the ACS link but in case it doesn’t work I’ll add it to this post. I think you’ll be impressed (at least in comparison).

    I went to a presentation by the person behind designing the website about six years ago (Canadian Cancer Society had fairly high level representatives the same presentation). The ACS put in an incredible amount of effort to design a site that responded to the needs of the cancer patient … not just aimed at prevention and professionals.

  3. Your adoring fan club is awaiting your scan results anxiously. I’ve got the champagne ready, and we’ll do a virtual toast when the good news comes in. Keep us posted! I’m always looking for a reason to celebrate.
    You’re in my thoughts!

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