Posted by: cg00n | July 8, 2008

All Right!!

OK, fans, it is time to break out the champagne, or at least the Asti Spumante.  Today’s appointment with the oncologist was entirely positive.  All those tests they have been running on me at great (tax payer) expense have apparently revealed no signs of cancer anywhere they have checked.  The remaining lymph nodes behind my knee show no unusual swelling, nor do those in my groin.  The bone scan suggests that the strange blob on the CAT scan is the result of an old fracture to a rib in my back.  My liver has some “perfectly normal” (considering my advanced years, no doubt) blobs.  So as of today there is no evidence of cancer in my system!

At the risk of being accused of negative thinking I should point out that I have yet to see the dermatologist.  The oncologist also cautions me that melanoma can flare up again quite suddenly so she is suggesting that I have a CAT scan every four months so that any recurrence can be spotted early enough to take very prompt action.  She is also proposing to scan my brain, which presupposes that they can actually find it of course.  Anyway, if all looks good for the next year or so we will probably back off to slightly less frequent scans.

After considerable thought and consultation with various other people I have decided not to proceed with interferon treatment.  The advantages of having the treatment are not particularly clear cut and some people react quite badly, to the extent that some have to stop part way through.  I’m going to rely on my superb immune system and general good health to see off any remaining pockets of cancerous cells.

Next week I’ll be back at the plastic surgeon’s office for, I hope, the last time.  My foot is healing very nicely and should require only very low-tech maintenance starting in the near future.  It still swells up a lot (I’m told this should wear off in a year or so) and gets quite uncomfortable if I walk on it a lot, but life is almost back to normal.  Now I can look forward to dying of something else 🙂

Enough of this:  for the next few days I’m getting back to my retirement.



  1. Great news, Bob! I’d break out the bubbly if it wasn’t for the fact that it’ll kill me right now, but consider me raising a glass of cranberry juice instead in celebration! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for your dermatologist visit too.

  2. Rad!

  3. At the very least, I will raise a piece of sashimi in your honour at lunch today. This is very good news!!!

  4. C’est très bien ça!! Belissimo!! There will be deep-fried clams at the celebration! Woo hoo!

  5. Whew! I’ll think of you smiling as you gaze out to sea … and imagine you enjoying your idyllic home for years to come.

    I’ll join you in raising a glass (or two)!

  6. Absolutely fantastic news! Since I’m in Paris, I’ll have a brioche in your honour!


  7. This is wonderful news! I will go and pour a glass of red wine right now!

  8. Amazing and wonderful news! I am so very very thrilled for you. Remission is a strange and wonderful place. Welcome! Your license to live has been renewed and is ready for lots of use.

    God speed and God Bless!


  9. That is so good to hear!

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