Posted by: cg00n | August 2, 2008


I went to see the dermatologist on Wednesday.  It was pretty much a non-event.  He said my skin looked “fantastic” which I chose to take as a compliment.  No signs of anything suspicious, but he made a bunch of notes and told me to come back in a year, which I plan on doing.

Next week: another visit with the shrink and with the surgeon, at which point I expect my remaining right-knee lymph nodes have a very limited existence horizon.

That’s all for now.



  1. There is something magical, isn’t there, about the words “Come back in a year”? My neurologist and I have a standing “Come back in six months” agreement, at which time he makes me balance on one foot for a while, asks a few questions and sends me on my way. I like that.
    Rick and I definitely want you to be in Nova Scotia when we pay our next visit. Whenever that is!

  2. What a wonderful compliment to say your skin looks fantastic. They say some people will do a lot for a compliment … look what you went through! 😉

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