Posted by: cg00n | September 25, 2008


Went to the beach today with P.  We actually set out to visit a local winery but at this time of year they are not open “to the public”, so we just kept on going until we reached the coast and then cruised for a nice looking beach where we could sit and watch the breakers for a while.  It was a beautiful fall day, warm but not hot and lacking all the hustle of the summertime crowds.  We drove my Citroen which was a treat for me:  it spends most of its time needing TLC of one sort or another.  Today it must have been in its manic phase because it ran beautifully for the whole two hour round trip.

I’ve been feeling great since the last surgery.  Even the surgery is feeling great, comparatively speaking.  The incision is mostly healed by now and I can bend my right knee (carefully and with a little discomfort) almost as much as the left one.  My appetite is greatly improved; in fact I seem to have gained a couple of pounds back.  Things are getting done around the house and I am feeling motivated to read and practice self-improvement.  Two books on the go at present.  One is How to Want what you Have and the other is What the Buddha Taught.  Both are good and have a certain amount in common.  I have also registered myself for an online “mindfulness” workshop which will start in January.  Between now and then P and I will be taking part in an 8-part workshop being held at the cancer centre on the same topic.  The Buddhist philosophy and meditation practices seem like a really good fit for me at the moment.  I think I need to pursue this stuff while I’m feeling strong: with any luck it will help me survive the weak times.

On the more self-indulgent side of life we are abandoning A for a week while we take a leisurely cruise up the St. Lawrence to admire the fall colours.  She and grandma will take care of each other while P and I take in the hot and cold running service.  Should be a good break from everything.  It was A‘s birthday recently so to help pre-compensate for the time we are away we pulled out quite a few stops over the weekend.  Fun, but tiring.

I heard from Miss Melanoma a few days ago which was cool, and you may have noticed that my friend Hedda has joined the fan club. She left a detailed comment on my previous posting.  Various others have been in touch via email, IM and phone.  It is always good to know you are out there watching over me!  The next significant event in the Melancholynoma saga will be a CT scan in late October.  Stay tuned for further updates.


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