Posted by: cg00n | September 29, 2008


I’ve always thought there was a lot of room for humour in the English pronunciation of Chinese-sounding names.  For example:

  • Chinese plumber:  Lee King
  • Chinese priest:      Ho Lee
  • Chinese sailor:      Lee Ho
  • Avon Lady:            Ling Dong
  • Prostitute:             Fah Kew
  • Male Prostitute:     Hung Long

… and so on.  I’m sure I’ve got a bunch more somewhere and just for the fun of it I encourage you to send me your own ideas.

But I digress (in case you hadn’t noticed).  WARNING: next section contains graphic mental images that may not be suitable for all readers:  reader discretion is advised.

The lymphectomy behind my right knee has been healing up beautifully and really quite painlessly.  However, a couple of days ago we noticed some leakage from one of the few remaining places that wasn’t so healed.  We mopped it up and stuck a band-aid on which was soaked through by the next morning.  The liquid was more or less clear and sort of slightly peach coloured; no ghastly green pus or blood or anything like that.  Closer examination of the wound revealed what looked like some soluble sutures that hadn’t dissolved.  This is quite common (according to the WWW) and I had a minor case of this some months back with the skin graft on my foot.  So yesterday (Sunday) I went to see a doctor at the local walk-in clinic.  He agreed with our diagnosis and got together a kit of bits to remove the remaining bits of thread.  When he poked at the spot from which the leakage came he got a gush of liquid and squeezed out quite a bit more.  In the final analysis he could find no signs of remaining sutures and advised us that “… sometimes these things drain for months, but they do eventually heal”.  As a result we’re back to changing a dressing twice a day for the next little while, a nuisance but only a minor one:  obviously I don’t want another infection.  It looks to me as though the source of the drainage is the previous location of the drainage tube they left in after the surgery and removed a couple of days later:  there seems to be a hole in my leg of about the right size.

Now I am waiting for a call back from the surgeon to advise me how I should proceed from here.  Am I better off to rest, elevate my leg, let the hole close and the drainage take place internally or should I keep the external drainage going to get rid of as much of the liquid as possible?  Obviously I would like this inconvenience over with as rapidly as it can be managed without impairing my long term survival odds.  I should have some more answers later today.

Yet more off-topic we survived last night’s almost hurricane here with the loss of only one tree.  There were times it felt as though the house might take off but the only thing that escaped was the garbage can which had to be retrieved from our neighbour’s property this morning.  Having a category 2 hurricane through here (like Juan, 5 years ago) would be excessively exciting.  We probably ought to come up with an evacuation plan, just in case.



  1. Are you waiting for us to play the word game before you post again?

    I can make some bi-lingual puns … using words like pain/pane!

  2. […] Moving myself around is unbelievably exhausting!  The groin incision is still leaking much the way my leg was some months ago but having been through that before we know how to cope with it this time.  I […]

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