Posted by: cg00n | October 23, 2008

All Good

Yesterday saw two out of the three doctors appointments this week completed.  Everything is looking good.

On Tuesday I saw the plastic surgeon who did the original foot work back in May.  He seems very happy with the results and took several more pictures.  In an unusually upbeat assessment he commented (with his fingers crossed) that he is cautiously optimistic that all the nasty stuff may now have been removed.  Suits me.  I made sure he knew that it was strictly on his advice that I had my popliteal lymph nodes excised so it was all his fault that my leg is still leaking.  He took this news quite well.

On Wednesday it was an appointment with the oncologist.  My CT scan was “beautiful”, she said – all in the eye of the beholder I suppose.  I confess I was expecting it to be merely clean, so this was a bonus.  She is not only concerned with the state of the cancer but also with my general state of being.  Since I am actually feeling pretty buoyant these days there is not much to worry about and she asked me how I had managed to come through these last few months with such a positive attitude, so I pointed her to this blog.  Maybe it will, in fact, prove useful to other people.  That would be another bonus!

We also discussed interferon chemotherapy again.  Since our first discussion  on this topic I have found out about the “intensive” course which is only one month long which sounded like a big improvement on the year-long regime.  However, she really thinks it is unlikely to help and could even be harmful.  Some people get profoundly depressed to the point of becoming suicidal.  As I have mentioned before, in many ways I am more afraid of depression and anxiety than I am of dying from melanoma, so this is advice I can relate to.  We will meet again in about five weeks to decide whether or not to go for the interferon and also when to schedule the next CT scan.

Before I left I got a copy of the CT scan report and also the pathology report from my recent surgery.  According to this:

Sections identify five lymph nodes, one of them being completely replaced by metastatic melanoma composed of hyperchromatic cells with irregular nuclei and scattered mitotic figures.  This metastatic deposit is seen in surrounding adipose tissue as well.  Remaining four lymph nodes demonstrate reactive changes with no metastatic melanoma seen.

Probably just as well they’re history, then.

Tomorrow’s crack-of-dawn (well, OK, 9:30am) meeting with the general surgeon will be a bit of an anti-climax because the oncologist already told me the results. Speaking of climaxes, however, this BBC article on sex ed. in fin de siecle Britain is essential reading. Some of the comments are hilarious.



  1. Great news! 😀

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