Posted by: cg00n | November 16, 2008

No More Lee King

Another small milestone passed today:  the dressing on my leg showed no signs of drainage from the popitieal lymph node removal site.  It’s been leaking for quite a while and we’re going to keep dressing it for a few more days yet, just to be sure it really has healed.

Apparently my next MRI (for the leg only) is coming up in early December.  That’s rather sooner than I anticipated but since it doesn’t involve my abdomen I don’t have to forsake food for 12 hours in advance or any other such inconvenience.   Since the surgeon physically examined my leg only a few weeks ago I doubt very much if the scan will reveal anything sinister (or dexter, I suppose, since it is my right leg) and even if it does I don’t suppose anyone will try to fix anything before early 2009.  Christmas is enough of a hassle without more surgery to deal with.

Life feels good right now.  I have gained a couple of pounds at least some of which is probably muscle.  The last few days I have spent reorganising the workshop and unpacking many boxes of books onto shelves.  All this involves a lot of running up and down stairs and ladders which is something I can do once again.  Most of my shoes now fit again although the surgical stocking makes the right shoe fit more tightly than the left.  Getting the stocking on is quite a kinky procedure involving a pair of rubber gloves and considerable grunting.  It has a tendency to slip down my thigh and I feel very self-conscious in public about coaxing it back up.  Even worse, somehow, was P‘s suggstion that I adopt her garter belt.  When I was younger I might have agreed but these days I just don’t want to go there.

Personally I think future generations could be spared all the embarassment with the aid of a little genetic engineering.  Eliminating the useless body hair we have and replacing it with velcro would solve many clothing related problems and undressing would be so much more dramatic: you would have no choice but to tear your clothes off.  Patent pending.



  1. Try medical tape – there’s a transparent type that’s low residue. 3-5 thin strips per leg should do it – just be sure to attach it to the stocking band, not the stocking itself to reduce risk of tearing.

  2. I was going to suggest trying hockey sock tape … but I have no idea if it would work or not! Kate’s idea is so much better.

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