Posted by: cg00n | November 26, 2008

All quiet

Went to see the oncologist yesterday.  The last time we met was only two or three weeks ago at which time she gave me until yesterday’s meeting to decide if I was going to do the interferon thing or not.  In line with her recommendation P and I decided ‘not’, which is what the surgeon and the psychiatrist also recommend.  We are all concerned that I might suffer a major depression, a known side-effect of the interferon treatment.  I’ll get another CT scan and follow-up in March and we will try to schedule visits to the oncologist and the surgeon so that they interleave.  That way I should be getting a physical examination every couple of months whether I need it or not.  The oncologist took pains to make sure we understand that any time I notice anything about my state of health that doesn’t seem right I can call and get an appointment.  This is very comforting but it also serves as a reminder that  I have to pay attention to my health if I want to be sure of catching any further problems early.

It was mid-afternoon when we went to see the oncologist but we rolled into town in time for the 10-noon “Finding Health in Sickness” mindfulness class.  I was really too tired to meditate:  I kept semi-dozing.  Sleep has been a bit fractured for the last little while.  My infamous gut has been grumpy for no very well-defined reason.  Tired as I was and having spent the evening vegging over a movie (The Bourne Supremacy – very relaxing 🙂 ) I did not sleep well due to a persistent, mild stomach ache.  Sometimes I’ll go for weeks with no trouble and then there will be a stretch where my gut is just out of sorts.  This makes it difficult to decide when I’ve got a real problem.  Oh well: c’est la vie, que sera sera and get over it.

Finally ditched the dressing on the popiteal lymph node scar.  It seems to have closed quite nicely, after about 10 weeks.  One less thing to worry about.  Christmas provides enough other things.



  1. You have much to be thankful for this Christmas. 2008 held many surprises but you have proven (once again) that when the going gets tough you were up for the challenge.

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