Posted by: cg00n | December 24, 2008

Christmas is coming

Ho, ho, ho! I hope you have all been good little boys, girls or whatever because if you’ve been naughty you might get bitten by the bad bug.  I came across this quite accidentally because I have what appears to be an insect bite just above the original tumour site on my right heel.  It looks like a bite, it itches like a bite, it gets bigger like a bite when I scratch at it and it gets smaller when I leave it alone.  But, you know how it goes:  when the doctors tell you to keep a lookout for “anything unusual” an insect bite in December seems to qualify, so I did a web search for melanoma “insect bite”.  Finding out that a 7-year old contracted melanoma that way is not my idea of an uplifting entrée to the season.  Poor kid!  It makes you wonder how any of us survive.   In fact I couldn’t find anything on the web to suggest that a melanoma tumour can mimic a bite so I’m just going to assume the best and enjoy the season.

Notwithstanding that, everything is going smoothly.  I am quite used to wearing the surgical stocking by now.  It has a tendency to slip down my thigh until stalled by my calf muscle so I use a length of ACE bandage sewed into a sort of garter to  apply extra pressure around the top of the stocking.  That helps a lot.  Most of my shoes fit again.  In fact I was really lucky with my hiking boots which were fitted with insoles when I bought them years ago.  Removing the insole from the right boot nicely compensates for the extra bulk of my new, improved foot + stocking.

All the shopping is done, the lights are on, the tree is up, the turkey is thawing and P has been cooking up a storm.  The house smells delicious!  I’ll be off the air for a few days to let my creative juices regenerate.  Some of you, my faithful readers, I hope to see in the next week or so.  To all of you I wish a wonderful and magical Christmas 2008 and a prosperous and healthy 2009!

May there be peace on earth and goodwill to all people.

Christmas 2008

P, A & B: Christmas 2008



  1. Hmm. Stockings. Garters. ROCKY HORROR! Any pictures yet? Hey, if you’ve got it, might as well flaunt it.

    Oh, and Joyous Yule to everyone.

    • I see you shiver with antici…pation 🙂

  2. […] to upload pictures to this blog.  An experiment managed to link a picture of the family into the pre-Christmas posting.  There should be more to look at (some of it pretty stomach turning, but educational) in the near […]

  3. So glad to see you and your family in situ. I can only deduce from this picture, the beauty of your habitat and hope to see more photos of the house and its location. And I long for news of the family. I’m expecting a visit from our friend, Annette in April. Meanwhile Susan, the sculptor in Saskatchewan, will be here for a visit of one full week, arriving on Feb. 18th. Our weather has been extremely wintry here in Fargo. I’m wondering if my sister will move here to live next door to me, an apartment which is available this month. Sorry I’ve been out of touch too long.

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