Posted by: cg00n | January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know I’m a week late with my benediction.  The family and I spent Christmas out west with some old friends (who don’t actually look any older, by the way) and came back loaded with assorted gifts, Chinese vegetables and rhinoviruses.  We have barely managed to settle back into some sort of routine here but there is quiet optimism that 2009 will be a much better year than 2008.

P and her brother have conspired to put me on a diet (sort of) prescribed by a Chinese herbal doctor.  Mostly this consists of eating less red meat, eggs and dairy products, favouring fruits, vegetables and fish, and partaking of various strange herbal brews that taste … strange.  Who knows?  It might do some good and it is unlikely to do me any harm.  A study some years ago purports to show the advantages of such a diet when it comes to overcoming cancer.  Has anyone out there come across more recent support for this?

All other personal indicators seem fine.  No new lumps, pain, swelling, spots before the ankles or whatever, although the “insect bite” I commented on before Christmas is still present in less irritable form.  I’ll keep you posted on progress or regress as it happens.

May 2009 be a prosperous and healthy year for all of you.



  1. Happy New Year. It was great to see you but bitter sweet because 9/10th of a country separate our homes so I likely won’t see you again for a little while. Ashley has become quite a beauty! Amazing what a few years can do. My advice on the mosquitoe bite is to have it checked out … you’ll feel better when a doctor confirms that it is indeed nothing.

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