Posted by: cg00n | January 11, 2009

Checking it out

The “insect bite” is still on my heel, although it no longer itches and seems to be going away very slowly, which might be quite normal.  Today I also have a bit of soreness just above my Achilles tendon, which could be due to almost anything.  It is so easy to spin such little things into a scenario of doom so I am going to take Sylvia’s advice and make an appointment to see one of my many doctors about it.  Just to be sure.  Right.

Feb. 5th is my next meeting with the surgeon for a physical examination and analysis of the MRI I had towards the end of last year.  That is only – what? – three and a half weeks away but that can seem like a long time when I’m just not sure that all is well.

My online mindfulness course has started and seems to be progressing well.  There is a talk to listen to each week, some exercises to practice, a weekly “meeting” with my instructor (via telephone) and a daily email with helpful hints etc..  Today’s was extremely apropos:

Radical Acceptance

In Mindfulness practice we are practicing a Radical Acceptance of the present moment, no matter what we find there.

If our child is ill, we would want to respond to the situation as skillfully as we are able to.  If we use our energy bemoaning that it shouldn’t be this way, that our child should not be sick — how could this happen, etc… , the result is a conflicted mind, which is less capable of attending to our child.  Our attention is entangled in our own conflict, instead of being fully available to our child. If we can radically accept the moment, the truth of the situation, that our child is ill, and not be in conflict with it, we can be free to attend to our child with a more peaceful mind.  We will do everything we can to help our child heal, but we will be doing it much better if our attention is on what is needed in the present, rather than resisting the fact that the situation exists.

This applies to any situation we don’t like.  Getting a flat tire.  It makes no difference to the situation if we’re happy or upset. The flat tire is still there and we have to deal with it.  It’s a lot easier to deal with a flat tire when we’re happy.

The practice of mindfulness trains us to learn to accept the moment, no matter what it brings, even if we don’t like it.  When we accept the moment, we can respond to it more skillfully.  If we sit down to meditate and find the mind is agitated, can we accept that agitation is present?  Can we say “Ahh!  That’s what agitation is like!”  Be curious about it, be interested in it, be non-judgmental.

There is so much to learn and so much I seem to forget once I’ve learned it.  Still, bits of the learning stick.  It is actually helpful to have the occasional day like today when I feel less confident that I have a long future before me.  It forces me to consider how I am going to cope with each moment, no matter what I find there.



  1. Nice one – we all can use the reminder! Thanks.

  2. I think having the insect bite checked fits very well with this blurb on mindfulness. Attend to it, have an expert say it is nothing, and then you don’t have to worry anymore.

    Glad you liked our card.

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