Posted by: cg00n | January 19, 2009

By the pricking of my leg…

I’ve been to see the surgeon.  Both of my little bumps were sampled hypodermically which hurt like hell! Still, as the Buddhists say, everything is transient and all that remains is a slight stinging sensation which will pass as all things do.  So much for philosophy.

We won’t get the lab report for the samples for at least 10 days which probably means February 5th which is when I get to see her again for a physical examination.  Meantime she says that neither looks suspicious, that the “insect bite” looks like an insect bite and since the other bump is getting smaller and has stopped hurting it is probably nothing to worry about.  Of course, as P pointed out, I now have two (small) open wounds on my leg so I’ll have to take good care of them to make sure I don’t get another dose of cellulitis.

While I was there I asked about the MRI from before Christmas.  As expected it showed nothing abnormal.

Meanwhile my online meditation course continues and my technique seems to be improving.  P and I spent Saturday at a 9:30 – 3:30 mindfulness session where we did almost nothing but meditate except during a short lunch break.  I approached the day with some trepidation, not being sure that I could cope with 6 hours of this stuff in a single day.  Actually the time seemed to go quite quickly and I felt a very deep sense of peace at the end.

To sumarize:  everything’s fine right now.  More news as it happens.



  1. Cellulitis is a nasty thing, isn’t it? Rick had it last summer and it took us 5 hours in Emergency to find out what it was. Fortunately, when we visit Emerg. we always take a book along. Be prepared…..

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