Posted by: cg00n | March 6, 2009

It’s scan time again

Somehow the need to update this blog doesn’t provoke the same sense of urgency it did in the beginning.  I suppose that is quite normal.  In the beginning it was cathartic to spread my angst around; by now the angst is pretty thin.  You never know when it will come and crash the party again but I think I’ll have  a much better idea of how to handle it at that point.

Next Tuesday I go for my every-few-months CT scan.   It takes place at a civilized time of day (12:30 pm) at a civilized distance (about 40Km) from home and requires no major self sacrifice such as fasting overnight.  There is the ghastly grafin (some kind of contrast enhancing thing, I think) to drink but I’ve had cough medicine that tastes worse.  Obviously I am hoping the whole thing will be a non-event.  Indeed, truth be told, I am anticipating this outcome.  I won’t actually find out the results until the 18th so don’t suppose that no news is bad news.  No news is no news:  no more, no less.  These days I face the uncertainties quite calmly.

Meanwhile, in the midst of financial collapse and dire economic predictions all around, the good news on the cancer front continues to trickle in.  A recent BBC article talks about a “danger receptor” that helps to kick the immune system into action when abnormal cell death (often present in cancer tumours) takes place.  The researchers seem quite excited by their findings which may explain why some people fight off cancer more readily than others and why drugs don’t always work as well as expected.  There is also the tantalizing possibility that this will provide a new approach to treatment.

If I can hang in for another year or two it might well be possible for me to consider dying of something other than melanoma!  How exciting.


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