Posted by: cg00n | March 10, 2009

So far, so scanned.

Today’s CT scan is over and done with.  In another week or so I will be able to reveal the results to the waiting world.

There are two lots of chemicals they throw into me before doing the scan.  First there is the orally-ingested gastro grafin which comes in three doses:  one at bedtime the night before the scan, one an hour-and-a-half before the scan and one while I’m sitting on the table in a hospital gown.  It has a very odd, rather bitter taste to it that is much easier to take when diluted in something like apple juice.  Afterwards I always feel bloated and mildly nauseous for a couple of hours.

The second chemical is administered via an intravenous needle.  It is some kind of contrast agent.  Side effects from this can be quite entertaining (as I’ve mentioned in an earlier posting) but today I just felt a bit warm for a few minutes.

After the almost non-event of the scan itself (which, including travel time, took just over ninety minutes) I was feeling generally icky, probably due to all the hazardous glop sloshing around in my body.  Most of this afternoon I spent reading and dozing.  Fortunately the weather is mild and sunny which helped lift my rather flat mood.  Tomorrow should be better.

Another couple of BBC health news items on cancer have shown up in the last few days.  Enzyme behind cancer spread found talks about more research into how metastasis is helped along by LOX – and they’re not talking about smoked salmon.  This raises the prospect that suppressing the LOX enzyme might slow or eliminate the spread of a cancer.  On the other hand,  Nano-treatment to torpedo cancer is all about how medication can be delivered specifically to cancer cells without having to nuke everything in the vicinity (which is how conventional chemotherapy works).   All this is very encouraging.  May Aubrey de Grey is right when he says, in this TED talk, that we can “cure” aging.  But first I think we should tackle all the things that have “flu-like symptoms”.


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