Posted by: cg00n | April 21, 2009

1st Anniversary

It was on this day one year ago that I found out I had melanoma.  In some ways it is hard to believe, reading my early postings, that I’m still here.  Fortunately many of you, my friends, thought it quite likely that I will be around to whine at you for some time to come.  Certainly things have gone much better than I expected both physically and mentally but then I always was a bit of a pessimist.  I say “was” because this is really starting to change.  Not that I am becoming an optimist about all the possible futures that I used to pess about.  What is happening is that the negative thoughts are much less likely to drag me down into the pit the way they used to.  I can think about and imagine negative things without degenerating into a quivering wreck.

Having said that I am actually quite optimistic about my own personal future.  I seem to handle the surgery and recovery very well and am now almost back to normal functioning.  A garden shed has just taken shape without too much groaning and moaning on the part of my leg, spring is getting here in fits and starts and we have a wonderful trans-Atlantic cruise planned for August.  The only minor fly in the ointment came out of today’s follow-up meeting with the plastic surgeon.  He is quite happy with his work but there is a strange lump on my right calf muscle that he wants to take out, just for safety’s sake.  That should happen tomorrow in a “minor procedure” that I expect to walk away from.  I first felt the lump about 6 weeks ago when I was feeling up my leg.  It was like a 1 cm slightly elongated circle and has since grown, slowly, to be maybe half as big again and a little more apparent.  When I find out more I’ll post the details here.

Meanwhile, more good news on the cancer research front, this time for pancreatic cancer sufferers.  That’s a cancer I’m really glad I haven’t got!  If they can find a way to deal with that it gives me hope that they can find a way to manage melanoma.  Assuming I still have it, of course 🙂



  1. Very glad you are still here as I supposed you would be…Good that you are keeping on top of your health and a good example to us all, as we should do the same 🙂

  2. Rick and Danica and I are VERY happy to still have you around!

  3. […] I rather suspect that the great sense of confidence I have in my ability to cope with the future (where have I heard that before?) will largely evaporate in the face of more bad diagnoses.  Nevertheless I believe the coping […]

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