Posted by: cg00n | April 22, 2009

It is an ex-lump

In a very efficient “minor procedure” this morning I had the lump on my right calf muscle removed.  Although the doctors were (as expected) non-commital regarding the malignancy of the thing they said “well, it’s not black and that makes us happy”.  Me too.

The operation was carried out with local freezing which worked quite effectively and took about half an hour.  My family doctor will remove the stitches on May 5th.

Just one more of life’s hurdles successfully cleared.



  1. One year is certainly a marker to celebrate. Maybe if this had happened 20 years earlier in your life you’d have dedicated yourself to cancer research!

  2. […] pathology report is back Remember a few weeks back I had a lump removed from my right leg?  Well, apparently the pathology report has hit the desk of my general surgeon […]

  3. […] of a lump! So it turns out the lump was, in fact, a recurrence of melanoma.  […]

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