Posted by: cg00n | May 14, 2009

In other news

Things are quiet on the personal health front.  I continue to meditate more or less daily which helps me feel much calmer and more at peace with the world than at any time I can remember.  Now that the small wound from the recent day surgery is pretty much healed I am trying to get my leg to let me kneel on it again.  It was pretty good about it a month or so ago but the knee joint is tight, the wound still doesn’t like too much pressure and the skin graft behind the toes is tight.  When I’m sitting around the house I try to remember to cross my right leg over my left thigh and pull on my right foot:  eventually I’ll get it loosened up.  My heart goes out to all those who have physical rehabilitation issues that take months or years to overcome!

As usual, over the last few weeks, quite a number of cancer related news items have popped up in my reading.  The BBC offers Pancreatic cancer therapy ‘hope’ which talks about ‘promising early results for a new pancreatic cancer drug’, Statins link to healthy prostate which suggests that cholesterol-lowering statins may reduce the risk of prostate cancer and Over-40s may benefit from aspirin extolling the virtues of the humble aspirin in reducing the general risk of cancer.  All very encouraging.

Less encouraging is a Globe & Mail article on University, a career – and chemo which is depressing for two reasons:

  1. Cancer is becoming more common in younger people
  2. You have to pay to read the whole article.

Fortunately the articles on Grill Healthy to reduce cancer risk and Hospital offers same-day cancer diagnosis appear to be available for the reading but for all I know they may expire at any moment.

The former repeats the increasingly common view that cooking at high temperatures and especially over open flames turns a certain amount of otherwise healthy food into carcinogens and adds that ‘high intakes of red meat and processed meat increase the risk of colorectal cancer.’  Well, beef is bad for the planet as a whole so we shouldn’t be surprised that it is bad for us individually, I suppose.

The second article relates to breast cancer in particular and talks about a program offered by the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto to perform a sort of diagnosis while you wait.  This eliminates the month or so of anxiety between a consultation and a diagnosis.  Nice.  I wish they could have done that for me last year but then I’d have to have had breast cancer and that might not have been so cool.

Finally, the CBC has an article about anxiety which is particularly interesting because it talks about mindfulness:

“Mindfulness is not a quick fix.  The mindful approach encourages the person suffering from anxiety to move in close to their uncomfortable feelings, to watch the feelings of panic and racing heart, trembling hands, etc., with curiosity, openness and acceptance….”

It certainly seems to be helping me so I’m happy to see it becoming a little more mainstream.

And so we come full circle in this posting and I should go forth and meditate once more.

I’ll just end by offering my congratulations to Miss Melanoma on the 4th anniversary of her original diagnosis and still looking good-to-go.  With any luck I’ll get there too.



  1. Thanks for the update. You, and your family, remain in my thoughts and prayers.

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