Posted by: cg00n | May 25, 2009

The pathology report is back

Remember a few weeks back I had a lump removed from my right leg?  Well, apparently the pathology report has hit the desk of my general surgeon who called today saying she wants to see me on Wednesday to discuss the report.  Instant panic – for about 10 seconds.  I’m getting much better at handling that sort of thing.  It is probably just a followup to keep me in the loop, so to speak.  I just wish the doctors could give me some sort of hint as to what to expect.  Even knowing how to read between the lines would help.  For example,  “…wants to see you immediately!” meant I’d better make an appointment with my undertaker, as opposed to “…would like you to drop in sometime next week” which might be a coded reference to a report that came back with a smiley face and a gold star on it.

So I tried calling the plastic surgeon (who had arranged the lump removal) and eventually got a call back while I was out playing river barge captain on the floating dock.  The message left only one small hint as to the gravity of the report which was an allusion to the amount of time it had been sitting on his desk.  This has to be good news:  either it means there is nothing very urgent involved or that I can sue him for negligence.  One way or another I’ll know in a couple of days.

Wednesday is shaping up to be quite busy, in fact, because I have a repeat of the CT scan that showed “… a possible right hilar lymph node …” which the oncologist thought was probably bogus.  So, most of the day will be shot running from one medical establishment to another.  All I can say is that I am very grateful that all these doctors and hostpitals exist and that they are trying hard to take good care of me.

I have read several more interesting and relevant articles since my last posting:

Sometime soon I hope to collect all of these links together and index them in a single blog entry for ease of reference.

Finally, in today’s news, were you aware that May is Melanoma Awareness Month?  I wasn’t but the Melanoma Research Foundation is using the occasion to launch some new online resources and, of course, to ask you to give generously.  Give it some thought, anyway.



  1. We had a very good presentation this morning on what it is like to live with cancer. After a diagnosis of cancer there is this ongoing concern that it could reappear. In this research the people described it like living on an island … unless you have lived on that island you can’t understand.

    Then I read your post and thought, this is part of being on your island. The dread, the worry but wondering why you can’t just believe it might be nothing. Tolerating a very paternal medical system that can sleep at night even when they cause you two nights of little sleep because the phone call doesn’t give enough information.

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