Posted by: cg00n | June 25, 2009

Yet Another Doctor

Got a call a few minutes ago from the surgeon (or at least his office) who will be performing the perfusion:  July 6th.  Usually once we’ve had the consultation the surgery follows fairly quickly so I am hoping to have this over with by mid-July.  That still seems like a long time to wait but I’m feeling a lot calmer about the process now, so I expect the time will pass fairly quickly.

No one has been in touch to say they think I’ve gone off the deep end with my previous posting and a couple of emails suggested that I might actually be saner than I had dared hope.  In fact Diane’s comment about bungee jumping convinced me that I am not so desperate as to try that, thank you very much!

Dan’s point is one that I have considered:  every year that I stay alive brings with it the possibility of more effective treatments.  In fact two people have drawn my attention to this BBC article on a drug called olaparib which shows some promise.  Such treatments would certainly be a bonus but I really don’t want to count those particular chickens before a few more hatch.  It is just too hard on my system when I am forced to lower my expectations.

In the meantime the lumps on my leg are slowly getting bigger and I’ll be happy to have them gone ASAP.  It is good to know that melanoma is not usually painful; that would worry me a whole lot more than what looks like a bunch of pimples.



  1. It must be worrisome to watch them grow. I’m with you, the faster they are dealt with the better.

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