Posted by: cg00n | July 17, 2009

A Date with the Surgeon

It’s official:  I have to be at the hospital at 06:00 on Monday for a 07:30 start.  As it happens, for entirely unrelated reasons, P and I have a hotel room booked in the city for Sunday night so this makes the schedule a little more convenient.  P will probably wave me off into surgery and then go back to the hotel and sleep some more.  It is unlikely that I will emerge again before about 17:30 so that gives her the day to play with while I rest under the expert care of my fine physicians.

We did all the pre-op stuff today:  height, weight, blood pressure, blood type (in case I need a transfusion), ECG, and lots and lots of questions about my general health.  They were very friendly and efficient and had us out on the street again in about 2.5 hours.

Yesterday we saw the psychiatrist and I cried the blues about my bad week.  My mood hasn’t been this low for a long time.  Boosting my prozac intake to 60mg/day should help and still leaves a little headroom in case it needs another boost later.  Probably once the surgery is all done I will be able to cut back on both that and the clonazepam.  In fact I may have overdone the latter a bit today because I have been very drowsy all morning.

Things to work on for the next little while:

  • general mindfulness (I’ve been letting it slip)
  • a more positive outlook on life, at least in the short term
  • figuring out what brings me joy and getting more of it.

The last two or three weeks have been a bit of a setback.  I need to pedal a bit harder to catch up again.

There probably won’t be much more I can post before the Big Day so I will ask P if she can drop the occasional morsel of news on you during next week.



  1. Hi Bob,
    just a note to say I have been following your blogs and my thoughts and good wishes are with you and the best of luck on the success of the upcoming treatment.
    After all is done and you are feeling better, a coffee or two is in order.

  2. Me? I agree that meeting over some good brew might be in order when this ordeal has passed. Though I was thinking of something a little stronger than coffee 🙂 Best wishes and may the hands of the surgeon find and eliminate all the melanoma cells.

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