Posted by: cg00n | July 27, 2009

Sunday and Monday

B wrote on Sunday:
“Today has been a bit up-down-up.
I was “wait listed” for plastic surgery (a couple of fairly simply skin grafts) so I could not eat or drink since midnight last. The surgical team dropped in about 07:30 am and said it all looked quite likely to happen. However, “wait listed” basically means my job can fill in otherwise unused OR time and around 13:00, we got word that mine was canceled. Maybe tomorrow. At least I could have something to eat and drink.
I managed two short walks today: one to the bathroom and back and one just to help keep me in shape. In the latter case I was able, with limited help from P, to get myself off the bed and supported by the walker. It may not sound like much but recovery of this sort is in very small increments. The biggest problem I have is a very nasty little cramp in my right groin. I remember this happening after the first surgery. Everything is more or less calm right up to the point at which something goes NOVA! It is truly knee-dissolvingly agonising and requires very careful management.
Things do seem to be improving gradually and I’m sure your well-wishes and good vibes are having a positive effect on the local space-time continuum.”

Monday, the surgery happened. We are hoping he can come home on Friday if everything goes well. One the whole, B is doing quite well considering the abuse he got in the past week.



  1. Best wishes to Bob for a speedy recovery. Patsy thanks for the updates and may you remain strong through these challenging times.

  2. Best wishes from all of us in Alberta Beach!

  3. Good to hear that the skin grafts are done! What an ordeal. Best wishes to Bob from us. Thanks so much for the updates.

  4. Abuse? I thought he paid for an argument?

  5. Do they know what is causing the muscle cramping? Is that a usual side effect?

    When they hit Micheal they can indeed be almost debiliatating – for some reason that only marginally makes sense to us, when they occur drinking Blue Powerade provides some level of relief for him.

  6. […] sounds much more scary than it is and doesn’t actually hurt all that much.  The searing pain I spoke of earlier is now much more muted although it still forces me to move quite slowly and carefully.  I can get […]

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