Posted by: cg00n | August 13, 2009

Moving right along

I can’t believe it has been almost a week since I posted anything here!  Time flies when you’re – er – well, anyway it seems to have flown.

All my staples are out now and nothing seems to have fallen off yet.  All the skin grafts look yucky but healthy.  The skin donor site looks like it has a terminal case of sunburn but this is also quite normal.  My long incision in the right groin is healing although it still oozes a bit in places.  Sorry – I hope you weren’t eating when I said that.

Getting around is getting easier every day.  When I first got back from the hospital it was still shockingly painful and tiring to get out of bed but by now it is almost a no-brainer.  I’ve been spending time watching TV and eating and drinking with P on our “living” floor.  We even managed to keep an appointment with the psychiatrist in the city a couple of days ago.  A week or so earlier this would have been all but impossible.  Next week we are planning on going to meet A to witness her graduation from cadet summer camp.

Today is P‘s birthday, the second in a row to be directly affected by my problems.  I encourage those of you who know her to leave a suitable comment or drop her an email or something.  There is little enough I can do right now except try to get well ASAP.

A number of people were kind enough to provide encouraging responses to my previous posting on Being Content.  Thank you for your kind words.  I really don’t want to sink to the level of a sniveling wreck  but there are days when my mood really drags me down.  It was interesting to find a list of 80 Automatic Thoughts of People Currently Depressed (published as a questionnaire in 1980 by Philip C. Kendall and Steven D. Hollon) containing the following items:

2. I’m no good

5. I’ve let people down

8. I’m so weak

13.  I can’t get started

18. I’m worthless

21. I’m a loser

23. I’m a failure

29. It’s just not worth it

When I read the list I thought, “that sounds familiar”.  The thoughts I mentioned in my previous posting could have been taken almost word for word from this list.  It is certainly worth my while to notice when I start thinking these things because I don’t always recognize the symptoms of a sinking mood and this may help give me the hint I need.  For whatever reason it seems that the clonazepam helps banish the blues so I can actually do something for myself if the need arises.  What a concept!

Finally, Dr. DL of Calgary drew my attention to this Asian technological innovation:


It’s really good to know that if all else fails there is a self-serve solution!



  1. Hey, you really sound like your old self again! Love the self-terminating machine, gotta get one just in case.

  2. Happy Birthday Patsy! Now that I have caught up with the backlog, I can be timely in my responses to B’s postings, such as wishing you may happy returns.

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