Posted by: cg00n | August 14, 2009

Some good news

We got a surprise phone call from Dr. M, the plastic surgeon, today.  He is about to leave on vacation and knowing that most of the other doctors concerned with my health are also away at present he felt he should share the results of the pathology report concerning the inguinal lymph nodes that were removed recently.  They are all cancer free.  I was more or less anticipating this but it is great to have it confirmed.  The sense I get at present is that the perfusion treatment may go a long way to keeping this thing under control so I can start thinking about my future retirement plans once more.

Dr. M is also expecting to see a new program of regular (annual?) PET scans for melanoma patients start RSN.  We were thinking it might be a good idea to get one done privately once  a year so as to catch any future problems ASAP but it looks as though the generous people of Canada will take care of that little expense as well.  If Mr. Obama is reading this blog let me say, sir, how highly I value the Canadian health care system!



  1. Great news!! How wonderful to have a pleasant surprise after all the unpleasant ones!

  2. Happy Birthday to Patsy! I’m sure she enjoyed celebrating with a few drinking on the “living” room floor!

    Congratulations on the great pathology results. Good news on many fronts it seems. You seem to be progressing towards good health more quickly than anticipated.

  3. Good to read this news indeed.

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