Posted by: cg00n | September 8, 2009

A Visit to Dr. G

Let me open by saying how good I have been feeling for the past few days!  Around the 3rd of this month I was noticing negative thoughts creeping back into my consciousness.  My “little voice” was haunting me once more.  It had been a while since I’d heard much out of it so I wondered to myself what’s changed? The first and most obvious thing that might have an obvious bearing was that about mid-August I tried dropping my Prozac intake back to 40mg/day.  Obviously, therefore, the first thing to try was to increase it to 60mg/day again.  I cannot be sure that the Prozac dosage is the direct or only cause of my lowered mental state but it is certainly an interesting coincidence.  On Thursday I’ll be seeing Dr. C, the psychiatrist, and will ask for an opinion.  My intent is to keep track of my state of mind, moods etc. for another week or two and then try dropping the Prozac intake back to 40mg/day again; if I get the same sort of results I’ll be sticking with 60mg thereafter.

Anyway, the weather has been good, we’ve had friends visiting, my leg seems to be healing well, my energy level has been good, I’ve gained about 8lbs on a high-protein diet and I have been feeling calm and generally well-adjusted.  Is it reasonable to assume that this is how “normal” is supposed to feel?  I’m trying to imprint the whole sensation on my subconscious so that I have a target to aim for in case of future crises.  Meanwhile I think I am getting the hang of this “one day at a time” business.  The days since my recent hospital stay have been slipping by, one by one, quite painlessly and mostly quite enjoyably.  All good.

Today we went to see Dr. G, the general surgeon who did the isolated limb perfusion on my leg.  He is a very pleasant and gentle human being and he laughs at my jokes.  I asked him about my knee (where a previously sutured wound split open a couple of weeks ago), my groin (which still causes me considerable pain when I move the wrong way) and a small piece of metal embedded in one of my skin grafts (which the VON discovered a few days ago and was unable to remove).

He tut-tutted over the knee wound but agreed that it seems to be healing quite well, made a recommendation for future care and dressed it up again.  The groin pain should clear up with time (doesn’t everything?) and he suggested I try a warm compress on the area and some stretches in the morning before I get up; I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.  After injecting some local anaesthetic and poking around for a while he announced that it was not, as we had thought, a lost staple but was in fact a vascular clamp used to close off a blood vessel.  P asked “Isn’t it needed anymore?” to which he replied, “Apparently not.”  Well, that’s good to know.

We haven’t got a copy of the pathology report resulting from all the surgery Dr. G did but he tells us that there was activity in some of the margins.  However:

  1. this was more or less inevitable due to the presence of things like blood vessels and tendons which cannot be removed without rendering my leg useless
  2. the perfusion chemotherapy is supposed to take care of exactly that sort of thing anyway
  3. he will refer me to yet another doctor, this time a radiologist, to see if radiotherapy on those areas is  indicated.

In addition I will get another CT scan in a few weeks but there is no point in doing a PET scan yet because my leg will light up like a Christmas tree due to all the stuff that is healing right now.

By sheer coincidence we met our next-door neighbour’s significant other over the weekend and she was telling us of a friend who had had melanoma in the leg which had actually got into the bone.  In spite of this they were able to cut out the relevant bits and apply some radiation and he is now back to playing soccer.  A further coincidence was that she knows Dr. G because her kids go to the same school as his kids.  Today, coincidence number three occurred when she jogged up as I was getting out of the car to walk to Dr. G’s appointment.  There are some people you just have to meet.

Hang in there, folks!  The story will continue after this break:



  1. Thank you for this interesting post and I’m looking forward for the continuation! Maintaining our positive thoughts is sometimes difficult. Having a positive mindset directs us into a positive and fulfilling life.

  2. Being positive is so important but it can’t always be conjured at will. I can relate … in general I view people more favourably if they are receptive to my dry humour.

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