Posted by: cg00n | October 18, 2009

Life goes on

Recently several people have been kind enough to ask me if everything is OK in the absence of any blog entries to the contrary.  I am happy to be able to reassure all my supporters that things are going fine.  My state of mind has been very good for the past few weeks, I have had energy to spare and I have been Getting Things Done while the mood is upon me.  In fact one thing that I did manage to get done to this blog (which some of you may have noticed) was to collect all the various links together into a page which can be found under the References tab.  There are quite a lot of potentially useful bits of information there by now and I will try to keep the page up to date.

All the surgery incisions, skin grafts and so on are healing very well.  There are a few scabs left to fall off and two relatively small dressings which are mostly there to protect the still delicate new skin.  I still feel some discomfort in my groin and certain postures (kneeling, for example) are hard (or painful) to achieve but that’s about it.  I am back to wearing my compression stocking.  It’s funny:  I never thought I’d be happy to wear it but these days it represents a return to “normal”, which is good.  We saw Dr. H a couple of days ago and she thought everything looked good and could find no new bumps or lumps and I am going for a CT scan tomorrow morning although I doubt if it will reveal any new horrors.  The most I have to complain about is some kind of cold or bronchitis which seems reluctant to clear up but since P had an 8-week bout of something similar a few months back it is probably nothing to worry about.  Just to be on the safe side I am going to see my family doctor on Tuesday.

In other news:

Thank you all for continuing to care and for checking up on me!  Right now life is good.  Long may it continue – for all of us.



  1. Congratulations on all the ordinary days you have been given to enjoy. You are a blessing to many.

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