Posted by: cg00n | January 15, 2010

That feels better

Once again I seem to be free of the dreaded anxiety.  I have a nasty feeling (given my history) that it will be back but for now I’m bouncing with vim and vigour.  In the last few days I have managed to:

  • eat well
  • sleep well
  • get up before 10:30 am
  • visit the psychiatrist
  • visit the plastic surgeon
  • meditate for 45 minutes every day
  • build a small printer/scanner stand
  • reorganise the office and the attic
  • watch The Daily Show every night (well worth it!)
  • read a bunch of enlightening material
  • catch up on a friend’s blog (which I didn’t have the guts to do a couple of weeks ago)

Small potatoes compared to what some of you do while having a full-time job as well but let me tell you that is high-energy stuff for me.  I find it more productive to work with my moods rather than just ploughing through the bad patches which can be quite exhausting, even assuming I can plough through.   Thank you to those of you who sent messages of encouragement, virtual hugs etc..  It all helps.

The doctors were both quite encouraging.  My psychiatrist seems to feel I am doing all the right things and is encouraging me to do more programming, something which I can often manage in small doses even when I’m not up to much else.  One of my friends dropped a little audio/visual problem into my lap a week or so ago, so that should take care of any free time for a while yet.  The plastic surgeon is entirely happy with the way all the skin grafts have healed.  He was also telling me of another patient who has had periodic outbursts of melanoma (every few years) but otherwise seems to be doing well some 10 years or so after his original diagnosis.  One can but hope.

Things have been quiet on the cancer news scene for the last little while.  This is all I have manage to glean from the usual suspects:

That’s about it for the uplifting topic of cancer this time around.

And now for something a whole lot worse.  As though you aren’t already bombarded with stories about the Haitian earthquake these days some of you will recall that I had a hand in a fund raising event back in 2003.  Needless to say I encourage all of you to do what you can to help, not just right now but as they rebuild.  One can only hope that this disaster may provide an opportunity to make something better in the future.  ‘Nuff said.



  1. The Haitian earthquake almost overwhelmed me. As we saw there was so much poverty before this disaster. It reminds me of another list of what to do to be healthy that goes something like: Don’t live in a war zone (or on an earthquake fault line), Be wealthy, Have parents that feed you well prenatally and all through childhood, Have some post secondary education, etc. etc. etc.

    Truly my health and ability to care for myself results more from the happenstance of life such as being born into a stable, health focused family and a G7 country, etc.

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