Posted by: cg00n | March 31, 2010

Dr. M sez I look well

Visited the plastic surgeon today mostly to have the skin grafts checked over.  Everything looks good.  He also felt up my leg (which tickled) and said he could find nothing sinister.  I said that’s because it was my right leg %->  (Warning: this statement may contain subtle humour.  Reader intelligence is advised.)

Also went to see Dr. C, the trick cyclist, who seems pleased with my progress overall.  I’m feeling Really Good at present.  A couple of people got in touch in the last few days because, other than the previous blog post, I have been unusually quiet recently.  That, too, is nothing sinister:  I’ve just been busy living.  Still, there are days I feel like a bit of a fraud maintaining this blog when I’m actually quite healthy.   Oh well.  Probably only a matter of time :-/  Anyway, it is not yet time to panic but I appreciate your concern for me.  I suspect there will be a  reasonable amount of warning before this thing gets really out of hand.

Lots of news in the media since the last roundup.  On the melanoma front we have:

Some other cancers get covered by:

A few psycho-issues in these:

  • Positive thinking myths – a review of Barbara Ehrenreich’s book Smile or Die
  • Depression’s Upside – put briefly:

    “If depression didn’t exist — if we didn’t react to stress and trauma with endless ruminations — then we would be less likely to solve our predicaments”.

And to finish a few general health-related articles:

Finally, spare a thought for a fellow melanoma sufferer and his girlfriend who is going to Ride to Conquer Cancer this summer. Thank you all for caring.


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