Posted by: cg00n | April 26, 2010

2 Years and counting

April 21st marked the second anniversary of my fateful diagnosis.  Much to my surprise things have improved greatly since then and (fingers crossed and looking for a handy goat to sacrifice) this year I seem to be healthy.  Of course I have to wait until the end of May to pass the first anniversary of my second diagnosis but I’ll deal with that when it comes along.  For now I am cautiously looking forward to a healthy summer.

Life feels very different now than it did in 2008.  Back then I wrote:

Anything less than about 18 months and I think I will feel cheated but anything much more than that I think I can come to terms with.

Well, the 18 month is up and I’m still here.  It is said that no battle plan survives contact with the enemy and I rather suspect that the great sense of confidence I have in my ability to cope with the future (where have I heard that before?) will largely evaporate in the face of more bad diagnoses.  Nevertheless I believe the coping strategies that I have been working on are likely to be effective and that I have a much better chance of keeping my wits about me when the going gets rough again, whatever form that may take.

With any luck the last few days will be representative of what the next few months have in store.  I’ve spent several  hours rowing my little dinghy up and down the river and admiring the scenery, sometimes just drifting along enjoying the peace and quiet.  Several more hours went on meditation.  Last thursday evening P and I went to a bluegrass concert (something I’ve never done before) featuring The Spinney Brothers and J.P. Cormier.  These guys are awesome!  I can do without the gospel and country lyrics but the instrumental work was outstanding.   I could listen to that for a long time.  Anyway, that took care of another three hours.  On the weekend A and I followed a rails-to-trails route down to the nearby small town, slurped down a frozen yogurt and cycled back again.  One way or another I feel as though I’m getting my money’s worth out of life right now.

And now here is our irregularly scheduled news roundup:

I hope all of you are managing to stay healthy and happy and wish you more of the same.



  1. Hi
    I have been following your blog and happy to hear your doing well. I am at 5 years since my original diagnosis of stage 3c melanoma. Had all the left leg groin nodes dissected-big operation. I think about 39 nodes in all plus the original excision. I also had high dose interferon for 4 weeks straight and made it about 2 weeks with the follow up injection until it re-wired by brain and literally i wanted to kill myself. I work and live 1 day at a time. Had a couple of scares last year but nothing panned out (thank god). There is hope and hopefully they will find a better treatment -is all we have to do is hang in till then. I still have problems with the nerves they disturbed in the groin area but take neurontin daily and it seems to help with the severe pain. You sound like you have come to terms with this crazy cancer hang in there!
    in Las Vegas

    • Thank you, Randi from Las Vegas! Welcome to my fan club :-^

      Sorry to hear you have to cope with severe pain in the groin. Fortunately mine all passed: all I have is some mild to moderate discomfort. Yes, there is life with melanoma but planning for the future is a chancy business.

      I’m doing all I can to hang in and not let this thing take over my life. It’s not fun but it is certainly interesting.

      Stay well.

  2. Two years, WOW, doesn’t seem that long and in other ways seems longer. Gratefully you must still be here unless it is a reasonable facimile of yourself cycling, paddling down rivers and writing etc. Congratulations.

  3. “And finally, you can do everything right and still be stricken.”

    Ain’t it the truth–or you can deprive yourself of much pleasure in food or experience and end up dying of nothing at an advanced age when you might have had fewer years lived more happily.

    You seem to be doing well with this journey.

    This is late because my inbox has been hiding some of my RSS feeds.

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