Posted by: cg00n | June 27, 2010

The Good, The Ugly and The Bad

Everything has been going fine.  I had my PET scan on schedule which revealed little of significance.  There are a few areas of relatively minor “uptake” (i.e. bits of my bod that suck up glucose more quickly than others) many of which can be dismissed as surgery that is still in the process of healing after last year’s marathon legwork.  It did not actually spot the two lumps on my leg, so now we know that features that size are likely to sneak under the radar.  The lumps went away in a small piece of day surgery about 3 weeks ago and I had the stitches out last week.  Everything has healed up nicely.

That’s the good news.

The ugly news is that I discovered a new lump today.  It is in a fairly unmentionable place in my right groin and I’m pretty sure it is melanoma because that spot has been a bit itchy for a few weeks and what is there now looks like the all too familiar lump with flaky skin and a red center.  The bad news is that this one is above the leg, on the trunk side of the inguinal lymph nodes (or at least where they used to be).

As usual this has me scared although every time this happens it gets a little easier to cope.  I’ll leave a message for Dr. G in a few minutes and I expect it will be another small day surgery exercise to take it out.

Aaaahhh!  The Clonazepam just kicked in.  A wonderful feeling of calm has just settled on me….

I found the lump this morning in the shower and told P right away.  She says she’d rather know than not know and A seems to feel the same way but I often wonder if I should spare them.  I’m sure they would figure it out, though.  Going around looking and acting as though nothing is wrong is not easy for me and I find it therapeutic to talk about this stuff (no, really?) so it seems best to let it all hang out.

Well, I’d better go off and meditate.  Wish me luck.



  1. I think it best to get these things checked partly because any action to eliminate the lump is reassuring. Ian will soon know how effective his trial treatment was … it was reassuring to know there was something that might finally be able to fight the little B——‘s and win! You remain in my thoughts and prayers whether you are in a good stretch or more challenging one.

  2. you’re doing great, and doing what works best for you. letting it all hang out isn’t always a bad thing! =)

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