Posted by: cg00n | July 19, 2010

Me & Dr. G

Had an appointment with Dr. G today which was useful and mostly comforting.

He was able to confirm that the previous lump was, indeed, a simply cyst:  quite harmless. That’s a big relief!

The new lump, on the right of my  thigh a few inches above the knee, is probably another melanoma lesion and he plans to get it hacked out within the next two weeks.  It is still very small and did not show up on the recent PET scan.  Apparently eternal vigilance is the the price of health.  In another couple of weeks I will be seeing Dr. D (the oncologist) and Dr. G thinks I should prod her about the possibilities of trying Ipilimumab, presumably to see if it will reduce the new lump count.  There seems to be a slow progression of the things up my leg but the rot has to go quite a bit further before I get really sick.

Dr. G also recommended that I not have lymphatic massage, something that I tried a week or so ago.  He feels it might make things worse.  Too bad:  it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Anyway, consider yourselves informed.  I won’t try it again.

On Wednesday I will be meeting a certain Dr. Wu.  (I could have named him “Dr. W” but it is only one extra byte.)  He is a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and comes highly recommended by a couple of trusted friends.  P is all in favour (of course!) and I have little enough to lose by getting yet another opinion so we’ll see what the inscrutable can do for the incurable.

We have Mr. R.J and Ms. C.H of Calgary staying with us at present which has added icing to my summer cake.  They both remarked how well I’m looking and how fit I am.  It would appear that I’m not making that sufficiently clear here:  aside from the occasional lapse into shakiness and the odd bump removal I am as healthy as I have ever been and feeling good about life.

As always, thank you all for staying with me.  It really does help.



  1. Glad to hear that one of the bumps was nothing to worry about and that the other one will get removed quickly.

    It is really heartening to hear that you are fit and otherwise well. Listening to any Goon Shows lately with R & C??

  2. Thinkin of you. =)

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