Posted by: cg00n | July 28, 2010

The Best Medicine

It has been a busy week.

Last Wednesday (one week ago) I saw Dr. Wu.  He took my pulse, asked whether I had ever suffered a major respiratory problem (such as pneumonia), cupped me, scraped me (I still have bruises to prove it), stuck me full of needles, crunched my spine and told me to drink two litres of tea per day for the next few months.  All this is in the name of ridding myself of toxins and restoring the flow of my qi.  Being naturally masochistic I expect I’ll be heading back every couple of weeks for more torture treatments to see whether or not it will improve my energy levels, sleeping patterns and general state of well being.  I suspect the mere threat of more treatments may do the job just as effectively.  I’m trying to remain open minded.

Yesterday it was my turn with Dr. M who is rapidly becoming My Hero.  He felt over my latest lump and said he could take it out if I could come back around 4pm.  I did, he did and now it’s on its lonely way to some overworked pathologist.  Psychologically it is good to be rid of it.  Physically I will need to be careful bending the leg for another few days (again).  Whether or not this will have any impact on my long-term survival I have no idea but you never know.  Meanwhile I have the perfect excuse to catch up on my reading.  Life is good.  For now.

The world of medical research has not been standing still since the last time I reviewed it.  Here is your irregularly scheduled overview of Certain Things which may be relevant  (or not) to one of us.

Science Daily has a whole slew of mostly good news regarding melanoma research:

In news of other ailments (yes, there are things other than melanoma to panic about):

  • For breast cancer sufferers, a gene has been discovered that may trigger an aggressive form of the cancer and a single dose of radiation during surgery is just as effective as a longer course of radiotherapy.
  • Mice under stress seem to fight cancer off more effectively than those living the easy life.  I would venture a guess that humans only need to be told they’ve got cancer:  that is plenty of stress, thankyouverymuch.
  • Depression remains a controversial subject.  The author of Manufacturing Depression talks about the over diagnosis of the condition and the Neurology journal links it to dementia.
  • Finally, as if we didn’t already know this, having good friends and good relationships promotes better health and longevity.

So, my good friends, as the sun pulls away from the shore and my boat sinks slowly in the west I will bid you farewell until the next exciting installment.  I’ll stay well if you do and we can all help each other.



  1. I’m all for any cure that includes good friends, good relationships and liquid refreshments …preferably enjoyed with a backdrop of a deck, warm sunshine, few to no mosquitoes, and perhaps some water (a lake or ocean; not water from a sprinkler or water gun aimed directly at me).

    Good on you for seeking early diagnosis and treatment for all the lumps and bumps … may they all turn out to be minor and relatively worry free.

    May your qi be with you 🙂

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