Posted by: cg00n | August 10, 2010

All Clear

Saw Dr. D today and got the always welcome news that last week’s CT scan revealed no new horrors.  She also poked and prodded around to see if she could spot anything under the radar but things seem fairly smooth in that respect too.   It seems likely to be a tranquil summer which is a lovely change of pace from the last two.

We talked a bit about the possibility of a preemptive chemo strike to press home this (possibly temporary) advantage.  The problem is that most of the drugs that are showing real promise are not yet licensed for use, certainly not with melanoma.  Ipilimumab might get US FDA approval later this year but that is the front runner.  As for clinical trials, the population around here who qualify for the extremely restrictive terms of these things is more or less zero, a number which includes me.  Dr. D tells me that I would have to have much more serious symptoms in order to be eligible for any of them and that, on the whole, I am better off without either the symptoms or the drugs.  However, there does seem to be some movement on getting my B-RAF gene test done and there are several drugs that target that feature.  The good doctor seems to think I have some good cards left in my hand which is comforting.  She promises to let me know just as soon as anything suitable appears on the horizon.  Our next meeting will be in February so I wished her a merry Christmas and we called it a day.

P and I listened to an interesting CBC Ideas podcast a few days ago.  It is entitled A Guide to the Good Life and consists of an interview with William B. Irvine the author of the eponymous book.  I had no idea the Stoic philosophers  had so much in common with the Buddhists.  Well worth a listen if you have an hour to spare on improving your mind.

Thanks  to all for the blog comments, emails and other expressions of support that keep landing here.  Our little family is doing really well right now.  We hope you are too.



  1. Always glad to hear good news!

  2. Yaaaye!! So glad to hear good news for you. Can you imagine…not going to the doctor until February…Fabulous!

  3. Wahoo! This is great to read indeed!

  4. Great news! You are a survivor.

  5. What could be better than being able to say Merry Christmas to the doctor in the heat of the summer! I am so happy for you.

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