Posted by: cg00n | April 9, 2011

Nose News is Good News

Dr. J didn’t think the little bump on my nose is anything to worry about.  This is good.  He also didn’t think it had anything to do with the melanoma which is even better.  It is probably one of those things that happens due to sun exposure as you get older.  At some point I’ll look into having it frozen off, or something.  The bump, that is:  not the whole nose.

The actual purpose of the appointment was to review my recent blood work.  Apparently all the indications are very good, so much so that he said he would be happy to have my results.  I was tempted but eventually decided to keep them for myself.

One test was a little odd for two reasons.  Firstly, the doctor hadn’t asked the lab to run it and secondly, the results were lower than expected.  The test something to do with my para-thyroid glands (I think).  If the results had been high it might have indicated a problem (again, unrelated to melanoma) and if the results had indicated that the para-thyroid glands were non-functional it would have been bad news.  In another month I’ll have to do the test again and see if there is any change.  It may be just “the way I’m built”.

The panicky feelings of a week ago have now subsided below the noise level so life is back to what passes for normal these days.  That’s always good news.



  1. Wonderful news!

  2. Good news … just in time to enjoy a relaxed spring 🙂

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