Posted by: cg00n | June 18, 2011

My PET and I

Top news story today:  the results of my recent PET scan are in and it is all clear.  To add further joy I can’t find any gestating lumps and the zit on my chest turns out to be an ingrown hair.  That’s it.  I am now officially out of excuses for feeling bad, so I guess I’ll just have to feel good.

All is not so well with one of my regular leaver-of-comments, Randi, who has relapsed rather seriously after six years of relative good health.  Truly this is a bizarre cancer.  Occasionally it seems to go dormant for a long time and just when you think you might have dodged the bullet – BAM!  It’s back.  Good luck, Randi.  I really hope things go well for you.

I’ll be seeing Dr. D (the oncologist) for a routine checkup around the end of this month and there’s an appointment with Dr. C (the trickcyclist) in July.  All of this is just maintenance stuff.  With any luck I’ll be staying physically and mentally well without too much help for at least the next little while.  May this be the case for all of you, dear readers.

News Roundup

Lots of stuff, as usual.  Combination therapies have got quite a bit of press lately:

  • This video clip from Al Jazeera English and this article from BBC both describe successful therapies involving ipilimumab (Yervoy) and PLX 4032 (Vemurafenib et. al).
  • Ipilimumab in combination with a tumour blood supply inhibitor also seems to work well.
  • Blood supply inhibitors (anti-angiogenics) also seem to work better in combination with a class of drugs called BH3 mimetics.
  • Depriving the body of leucine (an amino acid we have to get via our food) and feeding it chloroquine is fairly effective in mice.
  • An older drug, Interleukin 2, may find a new lease of life in combination with some of the newer ones too.

Meanwhile, the personalized therapy approach (noted here some years ago) works wonders.  It would be interesting to know how much it costs, though.  Apparently the research center responsible held a melanoma symposium recently revealing all sorts of useful bits of information.

In the double-whammy department, it seems there is a relationship between Parkinson’s Disease and  melanoma.  Some people have all the luck.  My father had Parkinson’s but not melanoma.  Then there’s me 🙂

Finally, in melanoma news, research into chemoresistance continues raising hopes of more effective treatments in future.

Now, here is someone who has a whole new take on curing cancer.  I’ve done some background reading but I’d be interested to know what the rest of you think of this.  Comments, please!

That’s it for today.  From all of us here at Melancholynoma, thanks for tuning in.



  1. This is fabulous to read!

  2. Great to hear, and yes, now you have no excuses for feeling bad so get cracking on the feeling good!

  3. And pass on fingers crossed to Randi in her battle.

  4. That’s good news! On a completely random but semi-symmetrical note, perhaps you’d like celebrate your successful PET scan by acquiring a Commodore PET, which I understand is a lot more fun than a giant whirling machine that you get inserted into (a necessary evil at times).

  5. I have been taking the BRAF for 5 days-YAYE-I am fighting back!!!!


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