Posted by: cg00n | September 8, 2011

It’s been a while

Ironically, no sooner had I completed the previous post I discovered another lump, the first in almost 6 months.  A few days later there was another little cluster of two.  All are at about mid-calf  level and near to previously active sites so they don’t pose much of a worry.  Anyway, I had them all carved out yesterday so now I just have a sore leg to complain about.  This is all so routine by now that I scarcely wince when they stick the knife in.  A few days of discomfort followed by a week or two of careful movement to avoid ripping out the stitches and then life returns to normal.  The only thing that might become an issue if this keeps up, as Dr. M said, is that I will have to grow some more skin.  Another bridge to cross when (if) I come to it.

Meanwhile P’s mum is still poorly but has at least started a course of chemo:  only time will tell if it is helping.  My good friend Mr. J.P of Calgary has suffered the loss of his elderly father:  I’m sure you will all join me in offering condolences.   Many of you will also be well aware of the death of Jack Layton, one Canada’s political party leaders, due to cancer:  he wrote a very moving open letter in which he encouraged fellow sufferers to stay positive:

… please don’t be discouraged that my own journey hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped. You must not lose your own hope. Treatments and therapies have never been better in the face of this disease. You have every reason to be optimistic, determined, and focused on the future. My only other advice is to cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey, as I have done this summer.

In better news, our sometimes commentrix, Randi (she’s the cute one in the middle), seems to be holding up pretty well, a testament to her “never say die” spirit and the support of her family.  As if she had anything left to prove she was the first person I heard from that Vemurafenib (PLX 4032, or something like it) has been given US FDA approval for melanoma treatment.

On the whole it has been a great summer.  Last month we had a visit from some good friends and another couple are likely to put in an appearance at the beginning of October.  We’re planning a short Caribbean cruise in November and will probably end up in TO for Christmas so we can spend a little time with P’s family.  Lots of things to keep me entertained.

News Roundup

Not much this time around, but then it’s only been 3 weeks since the last roundup.  Patience, peeps!

That’s it for now.  Stay healthy, my friends.



  1. I now imagine your leg to looks something like swiss cheese, if you wave on one side can you see your fingers on the other yet? Glad to hear it’s getting routine, hope that helps with the mental game.

  2. Boy, the fun never ends, does it?

    I had heard of the virus and of the newly-approved drug–my ears prick up when I hear melanoma or skin cancer in general on the news.

    I’ve seen an ophthalmologist every year for at least the past 5-10 years. I decided I wanted one closer to home, so I left the Menlo Park practice, and found one downstairs from my podiatrist. Not only were my lenses only correcting to 20-40, but I have narrow/closed angle glaucoma in my right eye (very farsighted; it’s sort of a structural likelihood to get it) and open angle in my left eye, and my cataracts! are at stage 2 out of 4. I want to know why the last two thorough eye exams missed all this!

    However, I’m taking drops for the glaucomas, and since I haven’t noticed anything beyond needing more light to read, or see especially small print, my cataract surgery can wait until next year or later. I’ll still need reading glasses–she said I could have far blurries or close blurries, and I opt for readers–but the astigmatism in the right eye will go away. My MiL just had her right cataract removed & an anti-astigmatism lens put in, and she’s happy with returning crispness.

    I envy you the Caribbean cruise–I hope you have lots of fun, though.

  3. Glad to catch up again on your living by the Atlantic. I hope the hurricanes have missed you. A cruise sounds exciting, something I’ve always wanted to experience, but never found a fellow aspirant to join me in such an adventure. Sorry to hear of P’s mother’s struggle, but glad that you can take the latest lumps with some confidence and trust in the ever expanding arsenal of curing treatments. Would like to hear about Ashley’s summer. My injuries from the crashing fall that split my forehead open and damaged an eye socket are healing slowly. Lots of company has kept us distracted from these impairments. Weather is perfect, harvest nearly completed, a high dike has been erected between us and the river. All is good marred recently only by profuse chem trails in our beautiful blue skies. Enjoy the season, the moon and good reading.

  4. The virus, the x-rays, the USA approved drugs all let us know someone is out there doing research. I liked the comment on the crisscrossed leg patterns … if Ashley was younger she might like to play x’s and o’s on it. Do you ever get to use your car now that you have a young driver? Good to know that you can get good service in the East and those little melanoma bumps are removed promptly. Autumn is upon us and hockey has started. I thought Ben could also take up biathlon so I could get back into x-country skiing. He wants to take wrestling. I am firm on the music front and I am firm that there will be no drums till he attains grade four piano. I am so happy to have tenure. A BIG weight off my shoulders. Busy fall but lighter winter term ahead.

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