Posted by: cg00n | September 29, 2011

Margin of Error

Got the pathology report (verbally) today.  OK news, bad news in this case.  One of the two sites excised had clear margins, which means they took all the melanoma and a bit of uninfected skin just to be sure.  The other site had melanoma right out to the edges.  That means we have to do something more, probably take a bit more skin out surgically.   That, in turn, may require a skin graft or something.  I don’t know yet but I hope to get an appointment with Dr. M next week so that we can talk about it.

There is always a little frisson of anxiety when this kind of news lands, a shiver up my spine.  It doesn’t matter how inconsequential the bad news is, I get this feeling.  Not just for my own bad news either:  I remember feeling that when the hospital called to say that my father probably wouldn’t make it through the night; the first time I got fired; when I realized a long-term relationship was on the rocks.  A year or two ago this would have been the trigger for a day or two of mild to moderate anxiety.  Now it is much easier to “drop the story line” that follows right behind and with that goes most of the worry.  Maybe there are people who are better at just bouncing this stuff off but I haven’t figured out how to do that 100% yet.  I’ll work on it.

Of course this is all very inconvenient.  For the second time in recent memory we will probably have to write off a cruise ship vacation (last time was in 2009) and I should probably scramble to get some fall cleanup done in case I am laid up for repairs.  At least P’s mum is doing OK on her course of chemo so P has only one of us at a time to worry about.  Somehow we’ll muddle through, I expect.  The ultimate axe does not appear to be falling just yet.

News Roundup

A couple more hopeful developments on the melanoma front:

More dramatic improvements are taking place in the field of general cancer treatment:

Enough for now.  Mr. R.J of Calgary complimented me on my ability to procrastinate until a cure is found for what ails me.  I’ll keep working on that… starting tomorrow.



  1. I heard an Italian doctor in a late night interview talk about cancer as a fungus with successful treatments using bicarbonate of soda injections.
    the website is:

    So sorry to hear of this latest diiscovery but glad to know that your optimism is functioning well. Keep up the cheer and enjoy this beautiful autumn season.

  2. We had to write off two Scottish WorldCons, I think one having to do with having used up our reserves after my mom had her stroke in 1994, and then in 2004 because we were buying one house and selling the other.

    I hope you are able to take this cruise after all.

    So, if you have gout AND cancer, you only need one medication derived from the same plant. Not bad, but I think that combo is highly unlikely.

    Autumn crocuses don’t have to be planted to bloom, either. What Yanks call “naked ladies” are a lily with a pink flower on top of an 18″ stalk.

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